The Everyday Sexism Project exists to catalogue instances of sexism experienced on a day to day basis. They might be serious or minor, outrageously offensive or so niggling and normalised that you don’t even feel able to protest. Say as much or as little as you like, use your real name or a pseudonym – it’s up to you. By sharing your story you’re showing the world that sexism does exist, it is faced by women everyday and it is a valid problem to discuss.

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I was going for a run in running leeggings that went to my knee, a sports bra and a pink vest running top which only showed by shoulders. Halfway into a run a man stops and says to me “arent you cold?”


When I was 15, back in the days when Bluetooth was still a thing, I was sent a picture of an older boy’s penis whilst on the train in the way to a gig with my female friends. The boy and his male friend were sitting a few rows away from us in the same carriage. Upon receiving said image I was initially very shocked, but then shouted ‘HAHAHA LOOK HOW TINY THIS IS!’, and proceeded to show my friends. This was the first dick pic I ever received. Unsolicited images like this are not pleasant and are simply not very polite.


I was walking down the corridors minding my own business until I saw an unwashed little ginger in my year staring at my ass. He didn’t stop and started drooling to the point where I thought the janitor would have to put up a caution wet floor sign. I was disgusted and confronted him stating I didn’t want him staring at me because he’s short, greasy and perverted. He then had the audacity to deny doing it and call me fat. I didn’t show that it felt like I’d just been stabbed through the heart since I didn’t want him to be satisfied so instead just kicked him in the nuts (I know it makes me seem bad but its the only thing men will understand, they’re basically shaved apes when it comes down to it). I then stormed off to the bathrooms where I proceeded to cry my eyes out for what seemed like hours. I now feel completely like a disgusting obese mess whenever I eat a pizza.

It hurts so bad that I have my mum write notes so I can avoid PE. I know I’m a strong independent woman who is worth far more than appearance but I still can’t get over that horrible comment. Fat shaming is real people, I for one am sick and tired of men expecting all women to look like stick insects. The constant promotion of skinny bodies that can’t possibly be obtained without eating disorders must stop.

But hey not all is bad, I may be ‘fat’ but I have discovered this makes me perfect for sumo wrestling or rugby. Who said men are stronger than girls 😉

Hilary Baxter

Why is the Daily Mail printing a headline: “Female motorist refuses to budge after driving on the wrong side of the road and bringing traffic to a standstill” in today’s online newspaper. See:

They wouldn’t say “Black motorist”, “male motorist” or “gay motorist” would they? But somehow it’s OK to say “Female motorist”, indicating that women are bad drivers.

Interestingly another headline in the same issue states: “Retired solicitor, 79, died after being stabbed by a fellow motorist who shouted “Die you f****** c***”. This of course was a male motorist, but the Daily Mail chooses not to tell us this in the headline.

This is why there is so much misogyny because although women commit lesser crimes, they are explicitly headlined, whilst men who commit worse crimes are not.

We should all boycott the Daily Mail until they stop being so sexist.

Mary Mac

I was told I wasn’t bubbly enough with male clients of the hotel

I was told I was a good looking girl and could do so much more with my looks, “You need to spend more time and put more effort into your looks, with a little bit of lipstick you’d look much better”

“Its great to have another girl start as we’ve just had two of our ‘girls’ tell us they’re pregnant”


Once in a pub, I was talking to a fella who asked me to lunch later in the week. Aside from the fact that I didn’t want to get involved with someone who had stated during our conversation that he 100% believed that reptilian changlings walk among us, I refused because I legitimately had plans already made and had a very busy week ahead of me; I wouldn’t have had time to meet him for lunch even if I’d wanted to.

As I politely refused and told him I had plans already, he didn’t hesitate to accuse me loudly of lying about having plans. I stood there shell shocked as people stared at him yelling at me before he walked away. In what world is this behaviour in any way acceptable??


Hi,im 10 years old and i hate this! Why do girls need to love pink? Why do girls need to wear dresses and skirts? Im a girl my favorite color is blue and black! I love football more then any boy in my class! I was walking down to my classroom and my books fell down,one boy said “wow you are really clumsy for a girl” copule weeks later my guyfriends books fell down (we have tons of subjects) and that same boy said “you are so clumsy you retard” why do people think that girls have bigger emotions? Boys have to! But just this s#it is gone way too far! Girls can love any color! Boys too! They don’t need to love cars and green! They can love pink! So next time you try something sexism,guess what? You are gonna get this face 😒 and walk away! I love minecraft and GTA! So if you say “you are a girl! You can’t play that” well guess what? I can cause i like it! And you won’t stop me!


Being called a ‘slut’ every time I walked to lessons with male friends has entirely undermined my confidence. It happens on most days of the week, and although it is meant as a joke, it can be intimidating and frightening at times. You laugh it off, but inside I wonder what is so wrong about the situation.

Frida Kahlo

I met the Guerilla Girls last year who were visiting London from America to research which institutions are sexist. They have been working at this for many years. They had Guerilla mask on when opened door as conceal their identities. We’re all contemporary artists trying to make a difference in terms of equality. I voted for WEP yesterday. It is Laura and Sandi Toksvig that have helped me talk about it more.


In work place kitchenette, microwaving a cup of tea for myself – same routine I do everyday. Guy comes in for coffee and asked if I’m making breakfast for everyone.

Why would you think I was doing anything other than grabbing a cup of *morning becerage* live everyone else in the office?