The Everyday Sexism Project exists to catalogue instances of sexism experienced on a day to day basis. They might be serious or minor, outrageously offensive or so niggling and normalised that you don’t even feel able to protest. Say as much or as little as you like, use your real name or a pseudonym – it’s up to you. By sharing your story you’re showing the world that sexism does exist, it is faced by women everyday and it is a valid problem to discuss.

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My 10 year old nephew came to stay with us for a few days this week. I play video games with him like Mario or minecraft to keep him busy when I’m home. He constantly makes sexist remarks about how boys are greater and stronger than girls and says “But your just a girl!” In no way, shape, or form do I blame this on him. I blame it on the society that teaches him these things. I blame it on the parents that teach their kids these things. (Even though I doubt his parents teach him this as he only lives with his mom.) Boys shouldn’t be taught from a young age that they are superior to women. As in reality, we are all equal. It doesn’t matter our sex, race, sexual orientation, or anything else. People should be treated equally, but our society doesn’t realize it.


I am fourteen. Young men catcalled and screamed from a car while I was walking home. The car slowed and for a moment I thought they were going to follow me or get out of the vehicle. A driver honked behind them and they drove away, and I ran all the way to my house and locked every door. Even though I knew they couldn’t reasonably get to me, I couldn’t get rid of the terror.
A boy from my school created a fake account on social media and started sending me frightening messages on how he saw me this day or that time, how he found me pretty, how this and that. But I was never anything else than ”hot” or ”pretty”.
One other time, I was signing up for volunteer work and the responsible (a balding forty year old) got close, too close, laid a heavy hand on my shoulder, wrote his number and email on my notebook – supposedly for the volunteer activity -, and let his hand flutter down my back before I backed away and left. There were more than twenty people around us. Nobody reacted, that is if they saw.


I was in year 8, 13 year old. I was sexually abused multiple times in school for 5 months by a fellow classmate who persuaded me that he liked me. He usually hides me into a empty room and started to touch me in sexual places and tell me to sit on his lap and he would stroke my leg back and fourth, once he tried doing it in front of another classmate. All the warnings from society didn’t hit me, I felt powerless because I couldn’t do anything. He didn’t think he was wrong. He even tried sexually abusing another girl as well in a school oversea trip. He was a normal boy, the ones you have in class who’s quiet and humorous. When I think about it now, I regret for not speaking up, not telling my family and friends at that time. Now 15, I realised that this wasn’t my own fault, he was the one who did the wrong. All i could do was speak out.


I’ve been asked at numerous job interviews over the years if I’m planning on having children any time soon. I’d ask my boyfriend if he’s ever been asked that but i think i already know the answer.


My boobs came in when I was 12 and the things I’ve been through as a result make me worry for my little sister. I’ve been cat called, followed, grabbed, groped, assaulted almost constantly- Im talking daily- for years by hundreds of men. Im 18 now and terrified of most men, Its so hard not to hate them, its shameful that I have to fight hating them. Last week I was dragged into an alley on my way home from work (6pm) and I ran away, this isnt unusual and Its got to a point where I dont bother reporting it- dont want to make a fuss. I’m scared that one day I wont escape though…my family would be heartbroken


One day, a few years back, when I was walking from the train station to my home in South London I found myself being followed by not one, but two men, who kept calling after me. As they seemed quite threatening and wouldn’t give up I proceeded to widen the space between us by walking faster, but not running, as this, I feared, would have driven the men even more.

As soon as I turned left on my street, I started sprinting for my house (since I was temporarily out of sight), and found when I turned back that in the distance they were trying to assess where I was. Luckily, I made it to my house and they couldn’t quite work out which house I went into.

This was probably the most terrifying encounter I’ve had in my life! And it has scarred me. I always am slightly paranoid when I walk home now, even though I live in a nicer area of London. I wish this wasn’t the case and that I felt safe.

Unfortunately, less terrifying but similar events have happened since, and will no doubt continue to occur…

Denise Marr

I was in a small local Premier store, to collect a parcel l’d missed the delivery of. It’s run by an Asian family, usually an elderly man and his son. Very polite and friendly.

This particular day had a young guy serving. I gave my ID and was looking at the magazine section. Oh my. Top shelfers. (Thought they had disappeared forever in this day and age)

‘Goodness. Do folk still buy that rubbish. Over 60 milfs? I’m over 60. Blimey. What sort of person would look at that’

I suppose l shouldn’t have said it out loud, but l was so surprised to see 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s adult magazines for sale.

‘Dyu no like sex then. Dyu no huve dirty stuff wi yer man in the bedroom, eh?’

Pardon? Did he just say that. Real breathless and quiet.

‘I was just wondering what sort of man would look at over 60’s mags. I’m over 60’

‘Aye. But. Dyu no do that. Still. In the bedroom. Dress up. Fur yer man. Dyu no’

Jeez. I felt horrible, like l’d enticed him into this. He was still fiddling around with the box and l realised he had my ID/address/photo.

I ignored him completely, however he did repeat it several more times, and as he was handing over the box, l noticed he had an erection. Couldn’t help it as he was a huge man anyway. I just ran out the door saying ‘THANK YOU’

Nasty experience. But l feel ashamed because it was me who began the conversation.


When influential venture capitalist Michael Mortiz was recently asked why he hadn’t brought on more women to his firm, he immediately responded that he wouldn’t “lower his standards”.

Just not ok

The same 70 year old woman (see previous creep story) told me two days ago that another man said at the gym if she put on any weight he’d spank her bottom.
He knows she’s married he’s met her husband and she’s met his wife.
She was a bit alarmed but keeps making excuses for comments like this about how he’s only joking, it’s meant to be flattering etc etc.
I wish she wouldn’t keep making excuses but she grew up in a different time and can’t get out of the habit. But I could see from her face that she was disturbed by his behaviour as they’d always been polite and friendly till now. He’s just ruined it. She said she didn’t really know what to say but told me as she doesn’t want to tell her husband, so now that’s a secret she has to keep from him if they meet up again.
Why do some men do this? It’s not attractive. It’s harassment.


One of my best friends made an advance on me while I was drunk. I didn’t remember what had happened other than the distinct memory of telling him “no.” When another friend confronted him about it, he claimed that he didn’t do anything. Later in the month he had told one of my other friends about it and made the excuse that because I was talking about boys and sex that I was asking for it. The fact that he thought that I would consent to a sexual act while I was drunk is extremely concerning, but what hurts me the most is that he denied it. I respected him and trusted him, and I don’t think that I will ever be able to forgive him for what he did to me. My inhibitions may have been weakened by the alcohol, but I expect to be respected and feel safe around my friends.