I have been quite a chubby girl for most of my life. I’m in year 11 at a very strict high school and being Chubby and having 14f sized breasts means I have gotten unwanted looks and comments but that was quite normal so I didn’t really think that much about it. In the last few months two 16 year old guys in my grade hade started asking me rude questions stearing at me and liking their lips eventually it got to the point of them saying stuff like “I want lt like your pussy” and” how big is you boyfriends dick and have you sucked it”. One afternoon I was watching at the bus stop after school and the to boy happened to be catching the same bus the guys noticed I was at the bus stop and for 20 minutes screamed my name and made sexual noises such as moning as they humped the air in my direction and then proseded to as me to “come over here” the next day as I got to school I had finally disused to go and tell the school deputies what had been happening. A week later I got called up to the office and notified the one of the boys had been given a warning and that they didn’t really have the time to talk to the other one. so there is my story about how my school handled asexual harassment