My husband and I went to meet some friends to play indoor golf in the Sydney CBD on a Saturday afternoon. When we walked in and said the name of our booking, the manager looked embarrassed and said ‘Ummm….we actually have a buck’s party in here this afternoon with topless waitresses’. When we reiterated that we had a booking, he said ‘Yes I know, I just assumed that you would be all males and wouldn’t have a problem with it’. Notwithstanding the assumption that our group would be all male (??!), he also made the assumptions that a. none of the males in our group would ‘have a problem with it’ and b. he assumed that I would have a problem. He also put it on to me as my problem to fix, presumably by cancelling our booking and going away. I had to reassure him that I was fine. Perhaps a private function room is in order, as well as a change of sexist/patronizing attitude?