I am a huge feminist and I always talk about equality of the sexes and I have been told multiple times by my dad, brother, friends that are guys and even some of my friends that are girls, to “drop it” or to “stop overdramatising things”.
They also don’t believe me when I say that women and men should have equal rights because I’ve “had so many boyfriends”. That I “obviously enjoy the pleasures of men”. When I see a good-looking guy and I point them out to my guy friends they say “haha you’re so thirsty” or even “stop being such a slut”. My nickname in most of my guys friend’s phones is “the hormone-driven one”, even though they are constantly talking about other girl’s tits and asses and when I say “you shouldn’t talk about girls in that way”, they call me a crazy bitch.
They joke about rape even though a lot of them know that I was sexually assaulted by my ex, two days after I broke up with him for hitting me.
They catcall girls, even when I’m near them and tell them to stop, but they say “stop being such a feminist. It’s just a joke”.


I’ve become immune to being called a “Slut” and a “Bitch”.
I shouldn’t have to, but I have because I stand up for what is right!