I just turned 20 and moved in to a new place because I broke up with my boyfriend and living with my abusive family wasn’t an option. One night I got drunk with my housemates and one of them, a 30yo man, started touching me. I moved his arm away and told him he was too old for me and we lived together. He stopped for a bit, but then he pulled me into him and we kissed. It ended up with me in his bed, naked and unsure of what to do-and very drunk. He began to choke me and slap me and spit on me, and I had no air to protest. I managed to grab my clothes and go back to my room when he took his pants off, but a minute later he was trying to open my door. I told him to go to bed and he did. The next day he apologised, said he didn’t remember much and passed the whole thing off as a whiskey mistake. I still shudder when I hear footsteps go past my door at night.