I feel like abuse on plane rides must be a common experience for a lot of women. People know that you can’t leave, and that you will feel bad if you make a ‘fuss’ because of the other passengers on the plane- especially at night. Once, I had to fly alone and my seat was between two men. The one on the right was old and kept staring at my chest, but he fell asleep early. I watched a show on my laptop for a while, and the guy on the left decided it was ok to nuzzle into my neck with his head. I moved as far away as I could and said “please don’t touch me” in a firm way. I settled bac into my seat, and the rest of the flight was filled with him “accidentally” brushing against me. I was too scared to leave my seat in case he grabbed me as I went past him, and I was scared to call over a flight attendant, but now I really wish I had, because I definitely had every right to.