When I was thirteen, there was a big careers convention being held for all the near by high schools. I was walking with a couple of friends through the centre when I felt someone slap my ass. I spun around and there was a group of five boys, all at least 15-17, from another high school standing there. They didn’t even try to hide what they had done, they all just looked down at me and laughed. My friends and all the other students around us pretended that it hadn’t happened and there were no teachers around. I was tiny back then and extremely shy, so of course I just put my head down in submission and kept walking. It seemed the right option as I was out numbered and they were double my size and clearly didn’t care that they’d been caught out. In my thirteen year old mind there was nothing I could do. Of course nowadays if a man laid a hand on me like that without my permission I’d be on him so fast he wouldn’t know what hit him. But as a kid I didn’t know that men had to ask permission before they touched me like that. I grew up believing that men were entitled to my body just because I was a girl. I learned the hard way that that wasn’t true.