people post links to memes sites where there are pics with girls where a guy uses the pic as an occasion to touch, or such the breasts or ass of a girl. Then this gets highlighted with the caption: epic win. If it is an epic ‘win’, a way to conquer something, you are suggesting the girl whose face looks unaware of this was non consensual. This is celebratory harassment. Is there really nothing to do about that?

Also on tabloids if there is are sex pics or material of some celebrity being leaked, it is taken for granted the celebrity wants it to leak for celebrity. Even if she denies. This I am simply not even able to swallow. No wonder if this is how people take for granted young women think, that they will harass young girls in real life that have sex material of them leaking without their consent, sometimes about sex that happened without their consent. How disrespectful, how unthinkable that those tabloids just casually assume this kind of thinks. Unbelievable. I am very happy about the fact I heard the gov will make a law that will make it illegal to spread sex material of people without their consent.

A lot of sexual stuff gets posted on my facebook thread often demeaning to women. Once I saw some kids pouring something on a girl’s as and setting it on fire. They were laughing and being demeaning to her during this. This is dangerous, I don’t know if there is a ‘securitary” way of doing this but even if there is, it was not done in a context of respect.