Today I was doing landscaping maintenance at a Home Depot yard. A group of three men got out of their vehicles, walked towards the entrance, as one of the men said, “hey, you missed a spot” while pointing at the concrete parking lot. I said, “ya, thanks” as they walked into the store laughing. Five minutes after walking in the Home Depot they walked out again, and the same man said, “hey, how’s it going, hey, hey, answer me, how’s it going” right in my face. I did not look up or reply. As they walked towards their vehicle the man’s voice rose louder: “Hey! you’re supposed to be polite to customers! Snobby lil’ bitch. Fuck you!” And then they drove away.

I’m sorry that I was performing a conventionally male dominant form of labour and that I didn’t respond when you harassed me while I was doing my work. P.S, I don’t work for Home Depot and even if I did I don’t have to reply to customers who verbally harass workers in a sexist manner.