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Walking to school when I was only 12-13 years old and a man walked passed me and as he did grabbed my bum, he then immediately ran and jumped on a bus that was pulling up to the stop a few metres behind me. He was probably around 30-40. It’s a problem because after that I was so scared of walking past older men in the street which obviously made me feel incredibly paranoid, but men like him make it harder for other men as I was forced to see all older men in the same way for a period of time afterwards – which is utterly unfair. I’m 20 now and haven’t experienced anything quite as bad as that first hand, however everyday sexism certainly exists and it quite often happens where you least expect it in a place you think is safe and comfortable.


An English homework for 11/12 year olds – class with 80% boys: “Helena has written to the Athens times agony aunt, and you have just been hired for the job! Offer her some advise and reply to her query! (minimum half a page) Please help! I really don’t know what to do- the man I love fancies my best friend! He thinks she is beautiful and amazing and even though she rejects him and loves someone else, he just won’t give up. What shall I do?”


When I was about 15 years old, I went to the cinema with a female friend, to see ”Planet of the Apes”. A middle-aged man with his son sitting in the row behind us, said ”Are you sure you will enjoy this movie?” I was very offended and told him I could go see whatever the f I like. Really hate it that certain movies are associated with gender. I’m a female but happen to enjoy action films.


A 16yo girl in the youth group just expressed fears over the new Snap Maps feature (which allows users to see each other’s location) because “there are some guys who already follow me, this’ll allow actual stalking”


Just read the post about Kate Beckinsale’s younger significant other. There does seem to be a lot of double standards surrounding that sort of thing, which really annoys me. It strikes me that if a man gets a much-younger partner (nothing wrong with that), he’s praised & gets seen as a ‘legend’, while if an older woman gets a much-younger partner (again, nothing wrong with that), she cops a load of stick for it & gets held up to ridicule as an embarrassment, a ‘cougar’ & a man-eater who doesn’t want to grow old gracefully, which I think is grossly unfair.


When I was 20, I worked in retail and one night we were closing; it was me, my male supervisor who was in this early forties at the time, and two other male employees. When the store closed and we were finishing up last minute things, my supervisor called me into the office and shut the door. He sat down in the chair and I stood by the door (I trusted him because he was relatable and funny and everyone liked him so I thought nothing of it). He then proceeded to say, “the guys get mad because they notice I treat you differently” and “it’s because I’m attracted to you.” I just laughed nervously and said, “what?” He then said “I would obviously never do anything about it because I’m your boss” (he was also married at the time but did not mention that as a reason). I didn’t know what to do. I just laughed nervously and said “you’re so honest.” It was so weird. That was it. The conversation ended and we all left for the night. But I felt weird and awkward to the days leading up to my next shift, worrying what would hapoen when I saw him again. When I did, he didn’t mention it, in fact it never came up again and we moved on as if nothing had happened. At the time, it didn’t bother me too much because I considered him a friend, but looking back I know it was a form of sexual harrassment and definite sexism and I wished I had reported him to HR because it had made me uncomfortable and it wasn’t right. I know that now. The guy ended up leaving his wife a few years later for a younger girl whom he was having an affair with. Yeah.

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I was in work today and a female colleague and I were discussing feminism in the workplace when a man entered our conversation and said, “girls need to relax about this we are all equal under the law.” I asked him to look at my friend (mid-30’s) and if he thinks of her as a woman or a girl. He responded “woman, but you know what I meant.” I told him that we were both women and it was disrespectful for him to call us “girls” as he would feel inferior if we were to call him a “boy.” My friend and I then told him that there is still no amendment that states men and women are equal because it did not pass. He scoffed at us.


I went to a party a few weeks ago and I was a bit tipsy and decided to wash some shot glasses up (not thinking very clearly) when a young boy said to me “you’d be a really good mum.” I confronted him and he apologised but continued to laugh with his friends about the “joke” as he called it. I’ll never forget the comment.