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I was told by a female coworker that sexism doesn’t exist anymore. In fact she claims she has never experienced it, and doesn’t understand all the fuss about it. Is it denial or ignorarnce? Scary…


Today i was walking to my bus stop, the bus didn’t show up, so i decided to walk to the train station. On the sidewalk were three men, standing there and watching me. i had to walk in between them to get past. They made remarks about me, and i rolled my eyes because this happens multiple times a day where I live and I am sick of it. They did not like it and started following me, still talking about me. They stopped when i took my phone and called my boyfriend… i felt so intimidated and i was scared to death they would attack or assault me. I cried the entire 30 minute walk to the train station. I don’t want to live like this. I already avoid going out of my appartement alone because of how bad it is, and since a few weeks i avoid going to school..


Was called ‘my love’ by a parking inspector as he was writing me out a ticket. Laughed at me when I asked him not to call me ‘his love’.


At the age of 11 my friend and I (both female) were walking back from the park, and a car with a male driver started following us. He pulled up, took photos of us, then drove off a little while down the road and repeated it again, until my friend and I ran into a nearby corner shop to escape. At 14, my DT teacher asked me what I wanted to do when I was older. I said I wanted to be a historian, to which he replied; ‘Do you like older things?’, and gave me a wink. I felt very embarrassed. At 15, some school boys would stand under the stairs and look through the gaps as my female friends and myself walked up the stairs. They said they were trying to look up our skirts. This was also the year they made it their mission to undo our bras, or flick the strap so it snapped back painfully onto our skin. In the same year, some school boys started playing with their genitalia in the classroom whilst staring at the girls. But don’t worry, exclaimed the teachers as they kept running into our changing rooms during a PE lesson trying to catch a glimpse, ‘they’re just curious, they’re just boys’. At 16, I really wanted to play cricket instead of rounders, but the PE teacher said that that was a boys sport, just like rounders, netball and dance were female sports. For sixth form, I managed to get into an all girls school. I enjoyed the lack of unwanted attention in the classroom. I didn’t enjoy the wolf whistles and jibes that I would get on my way back home. At university, I came into my own and fully embraced my feminist attitude. I didn’t enjoy the sarky comments that I would get from dad when I would visit home. Apparently I hate men because I advocate gender equality. My mother tells me to keep my feminist thoughts to myself in his presence, so I don’t upset him. In two months I graduate, with a history degree. And really I do mean a ‘his story’ degree, for out of the 90 taught weeks over my degree, only one week has been dedicated to the history of any female.


Waiting at traffic lights on a street next to where I live, counting the cars that slowed down, looking me up and down. Evey single car (no exaggeration) that was driven by a male took a double take/or slowed right down, adding up to around 15 cars. It was rush house and the majority of men were commuting from work, worryingly most of the cars had empty child seats in the back seat. I assume that most of them had partners/children.


I was hired at a company to be an engineer and to HELP with the development of standard procedures. Not only do I have to prove I know what i’m doing every day but even after that some still ignore me. I’ve also become the owner’s secretary, not officially but that is how i’m treated. He has literally sent me out to get copies of documents made and he has “volunteered” me to go out into the storage area to hunt down documents, didn’t even tell me he had someone else do it. I have not been an engineer in so long, I miss it and I’m really good at it.

Jacinta Bennett

On train, waiting for loo and am directly behind the ticket inspector; a guy is on his phone talking loudly ‘ yer tits are massive, are ye listening to me. And you’ve got massive nipples’. Ticket inspector does nothing and a couple of teenagers just laugh. Other passengers in that part of the carriage don’t react.

ann on a mouse

It’s been a few months since I was last sexually harassed in public. Nonetheless, tonight on the Tyne and Wear Metro I face young men in pirate costumes telling me that I’m a “sexy lady” and they’d like to “fuck me up the arse”, whilst laughing their sides sore. It’s insulting and intimidating. Looks and clothing are not the motivation for this harassment: I’m wearing loose jeans, a hoody, and am two stones overweight. Looks and clothing are never the motivation, if you’re a woman in public without a man at your side, you are a valid target.

Halle Perks

I’m 14 years old and just last month I was at my best friend’s birthday party. A photo was taken of a group of us and my face wasn’t in it. The guy who put it on social media received a comment asking, who is the girl in the blue jeans. He responded with my name and a few seconds later he had written something back: It’s a shame her face isn’t as nice as her ass.


Our school uniform includes polo shirts, the girl’s polo shirt’s do not have buttons on and are often low cut, meaning if wearing the wrong bra, cleavage can show, the boys however do have buttons, I know friends who have been given detentions and in school exclusions for sowing buttons onto their shirts, there are also more uniform restrictions for our school for girls and the skorts we use for PE are too short and have a slit up one leg, girls in are school have been filing complaints, but nothing has made a difference. Similarly, the girls PE curriculum does not involve Contact Rugby, Cricket or Boxing in HRF.