I’m 14, and I was groped this summer at a water park. I was with my day camp hanging out with my friends in a crowded pool. The next thing I know I’m alone and this man has one hand on my butt and the other on my stomach pulling me closer to him. He starts groping me and then I called to my friend and he let go. I was shaken up so I went to sit down and he followed me and gave me a flirty “hello” and walked away. I went over to my counselors and stayed with them for the rest of the trip.


My boyfriend and I went on a Wal-Matt run last night to buy ingredients for ice cream sundaes. I’d had a few glasses of wine (he drove) and I was in a good mood, making a lot of silly jokes. We were standing at the end of an aisle debating what kind of candy to buy, and I went into a little bit of a rant about how white chocolate isn’t really chocolate. I was exaggerating to make my bf laugh, but at the same time I made sure to keep my voice down and not be obnoxious. Well, this guy about a third of the way down the aisle apparently heard because he turned, looked at me, then looked at my bf, and said, “Man, women are crazy, right?” It was just such a gross moment, like he was expecting them to bond over their mutual disdain for me and my *gasp* NERVE in voicing my opinions.


My “best friend” (a guy) who I had feelings for and he claimed to have feelings for me, and knew that I was saving myself for marriage, repeatedly tried to pressure me into having sex and pulled down my pants (and I quickly pulled my pants back up). I have never told anyone this. He told me he had been waiting to have sex with me for 8 months, RIGHT AFTER he told me he was proud of me for saving my virginity for marriage. Then he went on to say that whoever gets to marry me is lucky because they are going to get great sex, and he then said “maybe I’ll call you up one day and give you a ring”. Not only do I feel degraded, but I feel shame for loving this human who actually views me as a sexual object and nothing more. I feel disgusted at myself and at him. I want to forgive him because God forgives everyone. But, I will never be his friend again.


It was early in the summer and I had only just broken out my flip flops, and the pair I was wearing that day was giving me horrible blisters. I was walking with a friend on a bike path and decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I stopped on the side of the path and fished out some bandages from my bag (I came prepared!) and bent over to put them on. Next thing I know, my butt is being slapped. I stand up, and see a male biker–who must have been in his 40s or 50s (I am 23) from the glimpse I caught of him–whizzing away down the path, looking normal as can be, as if he didn’t just violate my space. I yell after him: “FUCKING SERIOUSLY?!” An older couple walking toward me stop, shocked by my outburst. I angrily say “That guy just slapped my butt!” and they shake their heads in disbelief. The woman let’s out an “Ooh!” under her breath, almost in solidarity. They didn’t see, my friend who was standing next to me didn’t even realize what happened–it happened so fast. I regret being so frozen by shock that I didn’t kick off my flip flops and chase his ass down. After all, I was wearing running shorts and a sweatshirt (over a sports bra), which, I’ll add, definitely means I was asking for it. *EYE ROLLLLL*


I’m a high school teacher, and my male co-workers made a comment about how our male college “had to be at work” a week after he became a father while his wife “got to be at home”, as if growing a human, pushing it out of you, and then taking care of it while recovering from said birth is a vacation compared to coaching a football practice. It deeply concerns me that these are people molding the minds of impressionable teenagers.

Mom of 9 year old

My 9 year old daughter regularly plays dinosaurs with one boy. Another boy came over and told the boy playing with my daughter that he needed to stop playing with her so he wouldn’t become a girl. When they kept playing the other boy told my daughter he knew two new dinosaurs “Penissaurus” and “Vaginadon”.


I slept with one of my friends, which we both mutually consented to. We only did it once because well hormones. It was purely casual and we went on with our lives being friends and what not. But one day we were hanging out with friends and he brought me back to his dorm to get food. It was just me and him. I sat on his bed and he got some cereal but didn’t have any milk. So he left to get some but before he did he came back in the room and said “be naked when I get back, k.” . He left before I could say anything, but I was like no. He was drunk so I let it slide. So he came back and was like whatever and we sat on his bed while he ate his cereal. He then was like take your pants off and I said no. He was like why? And I said one I don’t want to and two I’m on my period. He said oh okay… Well suck my dick. And I was laughing at this point, I said no lol. He then took out his penis and he told me about 20 more times where I continued to say no. He then grabbed my head and forced my head down to his penis. I used my arms to cover my face. He tried to do that to me another 10 times where I kept telling him no get off of me. I can’t talk to anyone about this because I’m embarrassed. People will laugh at me. I guess I should just get over it.


at a family reunion when I was a child, my father had met a distant relative on my mother’s side for the first time. as he walked through the door, the very first thing this woman said to him was, “oh! let me take a picture! fathers like you never last long and I want kelly to see what her daddy looked like.” this is a comment that has stuck with me for a long time. she didn’t even know him. she just assumed that because he was a man he did not care enough about his family to stay. this is ironic bc not only did he stay, my mother is the one who left, making him a single father doing this all on his own and he has never once complained or been negligent in any way.


I was at a baseball game, walking up to the stadium and about to enter. There was a band playing outside, so I was sort of dancing as I was walking. I stopped once the crowd got thicker and I had less room, and someone behind me yelled, “Don’t stop! I was watching that!” I turned around, and made immediate eye contact with a man in his 50’s, who winked at me in the grossest way. I was 18.


Last night at the gym, a man around my age (27) came up to me and asked if I could tell him where the restrooms were. I obliged, assuming that was the end of our conversation. When he returned, he jumped onto the machine next to me, and proceeded to ask me question after question, with a very flirtatious tone. I tried ignoring him; he didn’t stop. I reiterated repeatedly that I had a boyfriend; he didn’t stop. His comments began to change: he kept telling me how great I looked and how sexy I was. When time ran out on my machine, I hopped off and walked to the dispenser of antibacterial wipes, grabbed a couple, then walked back over to clean the machine I’d used. When I got back, the man proceeded to say, “damn that ass looks great in those yogas”. I grabbed my stuff and headed for the door (I wasn’t finished with my workout, but I felt quite unsafe and wanted to get out of there). He stopped me, jumping off his machine before I made it outside and grabbing me in a long, tight, one-sided hug. I was terrified. This was a gym at my apartment complex; no staff to report this incident to. Now I feel like I can’t go back there because it isn’t safe. Just like I can’t walk down a specific street in my neighborhood because another strange man has openly admitted he enjoyed “watching me” as I ran by, or go to the local park trail, where I’ve been repeatedly catcalled by men in their cars, making more unsolicited comments about my ass. I feel like I can’t workout anywhere, and it shouldn’t be that way for me, or any other woman minding her own business and just trying to get/stay fit.