I was at a club a couple of weeks ago, and this guy came up to me and told me to smile. I gave him the worst look I had ever made, but he still continued to make the ‘smile’ gesture, until I glared at him and mouthed ‘why’ and he backed off, but didn’t look like he understood in the slightest. Later that night, me and my friend were walking to the bus stop and we were continually harassed, and especially her who was wearing a low-cut top, of which one guy decided that it was okay for him to yell out ‘nice boobs … both of you!!!’ in the middle of Old Street Roundabout. I later said to my friend to cover up just because the harassment was becoming consistent and I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable, and then she asked me a question that is continuously on my mind ‘they’re the ones being inappropriate, I should not have to cover myself up to stop their idiotic and vulgar behaviour’. So true.