I was helping a friend move last weekend. My brother was there too. There was a wall with many nails that needed to be pulled, so I took a hammer and headed for the wall. My brother then stopped me and stated, “He should be the one to pull the nails since he could do it better.” I told him I had done it before–I was perfectly equipped to pull nails from a wall. He then told me he was stronger, it would be more efficient if he did it because, “he’s a guy.” I was shocked. There was no way. I then hooked the hammer on a nail, looked him in the eyes, and pulled it with one pull. He then made the excuse that “He is taller so it would have been easier if he had just done it.” Nothing about being a girl is easy, so why should I take the easy road now? Not only I can pull stupid nails, but I can do amazing things. He argued that by proving I could do it and pulling the nail in front of him I was being condescending. Who was being condescending again? Him. I am so fed up with humans underestimating other human beings. Why am I the bad guy of this story?