I have many examples that I experienced over the last month…

– A friendship request on facebook: “No gorgeous you don’t know me. I don’t know you. But I like what I see. Add me as a friend, let’s stay in touch”. After my answer, that was a very clear “No thanks”, he replied back with this: “You must be pretty ugly, if you were a pretty girl you’d be flattered”.

– While running and sweating all over the pub on a busy day at work and short of staff, a customer grabs my arm and says: “Easy darling, eaaasy”.

– Carrying heavy beer boxes at work, again a customer: “Hey honey, you should smile more, you’d look prettier”.

– I don’t usually wear makeup, and at a party at work I wore some eye mask and blush: “Heeey, wow! you see how you can look lovely just with some extra make-up”.

– After firmly asking my flatmate, to fix something he did: “Ok, ok, calm down, I’ll go check, and, if there’s a situation, I’ll deal with it”. First, can’t a firm woman be calm? I’m tired of that, second, you’re assuming my judgement was poor and so, you have to re-check, I’m telling you, there IS a pretty gross situation, go and clean the bloody toilet.

– The tipical “grgggrrrrrhhh….” at your ear when you walk alone.

– I work on a pub, I am the bartender and manager at the bar, you know, the boss there and the one making cocktails and stuff. We have a new guy at the pub and I have him with me carrying heavy boxes and preparing the ice, well, male costumers ask me for beer and “easy drinks” and they all ask him for cocktails. When I say “I’ll make it for you” they would say something like this: “Sorry honey I was talking to the bartender, do you want to drink something with me and talk?”, when I say that I am the bartender, they just laugh.

– The flirting situation that ends with me leaving the place without the guy and he shouts: “F*** lesbian!”. Since when the word “lesbian” is an insult?, why a woman not interested on them “must be” lesbian? I don’t get it.

– A guy licked my neck at the metro, I turned back and there were three guys, they weren’t together, but still, none of them said a word when I asked.

And I could keep writing.