A few incidences of casual sexism today:

I was in the ladies’ washrooms (toilets) in House of Fraser today, & I noticed that there were baby changing facilities & a nappy dispensing machine in there. I wonder if the same provision was made in the gents’ washrooms- as at least one other poster on here has pointed out, not only women change nappies!

I also went to Debenham’s, & when I went to the Womenswear section (where there were also kiddies’ clothes), I noticed that the sections were segregated by gender, & there was a section for girls which was pink & a section for boys which was blue. There were also boys’ clothes with things like dinosaurs on, while girls’clothes did not have things like that on them (I can’t remember exactly what there was on the girls’ clothes).

When I was at the bus station waiting to catch the bus home, I noticed a sign to the ‘Mother & Baby [something or other- I forget exactly what, it could be baby changing facilities)]’. What about fathers- don’t they change nappies too?