I was in a student bar with some friends at a saturday night. It was a lively place and people already had started dancing. When we went to the bar to order something to drink, a man “accidentally” grabbed my butt. I turned around, looking that man straight into his eyes and said: “Why did you just grabbed my butt? This is disgusting”. He smiled at me, looked to his two friends who supported him by standing behind him, and said: “Oh donĀ“t you make such a fuss, I have a girlfriend”. I answered that I felt sorry for his girlfriend and thought I had handled the situation adequatly. My friends said, I should ignore it. After a while at the dancing floor, the same man and the same pals of him came to me again to grab my butt. I went to the waiter at the bar to let them be throw out. But they already ran away. The worst thing that night was not these three guys harassing me, but my friends who did not even care. They said, as long as nothing happend I should not make such a fuss. There were a little embarrest that I was being so angry. They said, my reaction even make them feel better and provoked them to continue harrasing me. They blamend me. I was sad, but not agry at my friends. It is just terrible that young and strong women think and behave like this. Here is a call to all the women that are reading my story: Support other women when recognising they are harrased by man. And man should do so, as well.