I was just reading an article about how often women are masturbated at in public by men. It has happened to me several times in my life. I had no idea it was so prevalent.

– c.1987 I was in 7th grade. I was doing my paper route in my neighborhood after school. A man driving down the street slowed down next to me and raised himself out of his seat and showed me his penis and that he was masturbating. He lingered for a bit while I, confused and scared, went about my route pretending nothing had happened. I told my parents when I got home and they called the police. The officer came to our house and asked for details. It was awful. In front of my parents, he asked me to describe the man and what he was doing. At one point, he asked if the man was erect. My parents had to help me understand what he was asking. I still remember that day.

– c.2007 I did graduate work in Hungary. I was on a crowded street car in the middle of the day with some friends. Some man started rubbing his privates against me. I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know what was happening. Everyone was packed in the train and I wasn’t making eye-contact with him as he was, obviously, awkwardly close. I didn’t realize until the train started to clear out and he was still next to me. I was ashamed and felt that I let him do that. I didn’t discuss it with my friends who were with me. I guess I assume they didn’t see what was going on.

– c.2014 I was driving on the highway past Jacksonville, FL about 7am at the beginning of a long trip. The highway was empty except for me and a car that pulled up next to me and raised up in his seat to show me that he wasn’t wearing pants. He made suggestive faces at me and waved his penis at me, then kept driving. I was rattled.

Seriously, who are these men?

Thank you for this forum. I’ve never told those stories before.