Talking to a ex-boyfriend who’s now a friend and we catch up via text often.
I was telling him about my travels in Asia and how I was enjoying them but looking forward to going back to Australia because of a variety of reasons including I feel more discriminated for being a women in some Asian countries than at home.

To which he replied “That’s weird that you have to worry about discrimination as a woman”

To which I was so shocked and said whichever country you live in every woman could probably write a book about discrimination they have received and it occurs everywhere at work, in public, school, restaurant etc.

Which was followed up with “Why so shocked? Maybe I’m just used to normal countries where women have it easier :P”

Women have it easier!? I mean I am lucky to be from a country where women legally are treated as equals however they does not stop every day sexism in comments like this. They hurt me so much because people don’t realise how sexist and offensive it is. It’s a privileged male attitude which cannot understand what females go through every day.
Just completely upsets me and tries my patience