Ruth Thorpe

I tried to buy concert tickets online but the website didn’t work. An automated message from the site told me to contact the event organiser, which I did.

He told me that the site was working. He asked me to phone him so that he could ‘walk me through’ the purchase on his laptop. By this time I had got the tickets using a different browser.

A week later, the problem persisted. He flatly contradicted me at a meeting when I said the site was showing premium tickets as sold out.

They were in fact sold out. He did not believe me when I said the site didn’t work on IE. He explained that IE is the most popular browser, so if the problem had been IE the website would have solved it by now.

He said he was sorry I had been disappointed (his assumption) but stated that I would not have had a problem if I had bought my tickets two months ago.

This man knows me. His attitude is disappointing, though if he’d been going for a real Olympic level of condescension he could have told me to calm down, called me ‘dear’ or (for a distinction) ‘dearie’.