While visiting home, and stopping at my father’s house, my neighbor came over. He had always seemed interested in what I had to say about school, and he had always been a very helpful person to my father (who is physically disabled). During the time he was over there talking with us, with my back to my father, and facing me, he pulled out his penis, and left it out for several minutes, attempting to get my attention, and gauge my reaction by constantly looking at me – all the while when my father was in the room, and he was talking to him.

I left, unsure of what to say or what to do. I googled ten different ways about “what to do if a man flashses you”, or “what to do when a man shows you his penis”, various things of this nature. Everything I got back was anything from “men getting hot-flashes”, or “it’s not men’s faults they want to show off their penis”, and not a single result to help me with what I was experiencing. I called my best friend who said I should talk to the police. When I did, the police office asked “were you wearing anything revealing?”. He said we could follow through with this, but I should talk to my dad first, to see what he thinks. My father had believed me when I told him my story, and even more so when my mom told me about her friend having experienced the same thing as I had. However, my father had insisted we not say or do anything, because if he “rocked the boat”, he wouldn’t have the nice neighbor man helping him with his roofing, outside work, and etc. that he is unable to do on his own.