I was walking to my next class and my old homeroom teacher (from months before) tried to spark a conversation with me. This probably wouldn’t seem too odd, except for the fact that the only time I would ever talk to him during class was when I had a question regarding the work. What also kind of freaked me out was that when I would see him in the hall I would smile and say hello, something I do to all my teachers just in case I get them again or they become my coaches, but when I did this he wouldn’t even acknowledge me. So when he began talking to be I immediately freaked out (being the paranoid person I am) and tried to end the conversation and leave as soon as possible. He said he missed seeing me and my two other friends in his class. Upon hearing this I got even more freaked out, stumbling my words I tried to leave immediately. This was when everyone was moving to their next class so it was packed and busy, even more so with everyone carrying their backpacks. So, all I could do was turn away and keep walking. After the rush of people my friends who were walking behind me told me how awkward that conversation was and when I was walking away he put his arm around me which I didn’t feel because my bag was luckily preventing him from actually touching me. This freaked me out and made me feel sick just thinking about it.