As a fully paid up member of Generation Y I’ve experienced my unfair share of everyday sexism from my own cohort – too much to list from a young age so I will stick to the most recent example I’ve been served up. I’ve read about the struggles Generation Z face in an increasingly intolerant and sexist society though never truly understood what Generation Z are up against until January this year.

In January I went to lunch with my mother and on entering the cafe walked past a table with three young Gen Z students holding court who rated my looks and my apparel as I walked by and at the same time very vocally judging whether I was marriage material.

I didn’t know that in 2017 a woman’s worth was still to be defined by a man. I have younger female family members and I’m concerned for them in an age when selfies, likes, looks and the superficial are deemed more important than thoughts, character and good deeds.

In short I’m concerned that for Generation Z the balance of power is tilting ever more unequally away from equality and emancipation and back towards subjugation.