where to start… one time on the bus coming home from work a guy in his 40’s asked me if I was a student and I said no, and told him my husband is. He then countinued asking questions like “don’t you think you are way to young to be married? you do realize he’s probably cheating on you right now? you do know you guys won’t last another year, right? ” I got really quiet and held back tears. He then began to call me baby over and over again and tell me how sexually attracted he was to me. I said nothing, I was so uncomfortable and felt so unsafe. The bus was packed full of people and no one said anything. I was near tears, not making eye contact with him and my hands couldn’t stop shaking. I was so scared that if I swore at him or said something rude back to him that he would just follow me off the bus and hurt me and everyone there would just ignore it like they had been. I live in one of the most progressive city’s in Michigan and not a single person did anything… honestly that’s the part that scares me the most.