Transgender experiences

One woman in the forum explained how she’s been using a unicycle to get around her town for years, but the comments she gets from men have changed dramatically since transitioning:

“When I was perceived as male, I’d get basically the same sort of comments from men and women. Things like ‘wow, impressive,’ ‘that must take talent’ or ‘how do you stay on that thing?’

“Now that I present as female, the majority of comments I get from men are along the lines of ‘looking good on that thing,’ ‘ooh, yeah, ride it girl’ or ‘show me your ass!’ While some guys still say normal things, the majority of comments I get from men are either about my appearance, sexual, or both.”

“One of the first really striking changes I (male-to-female) noticed was that it’s completely and totally accurate that women get talked over a lot. I knew this already on a logical level, but experiencing it after I started socially and medically transitioning was still a jarring experience.

“There have been so many times where co-workers, supervisors and just the general public have decided to talk over me regardless of the topic, and this includes people who knew me before my transition.”