I was on a bus in Brixton in April of last year. It was 7am on a Monday morning. I was quite tired and had my earphones in and at first I didn’t realise what was happening. At the back of the bus a man was shouting at the woman sitting in front of him “I’m gonna murder your pussy”. He was shouting this at the top of his voice. The girl who was in her mid twenties was clearly mortified. This man was very obviously a stranger to her. There were at least 10 men on the bus and not one of them looked up or appeared to register what was going on. Feeling so helpless I just shouted “Shut the hell up” or at least I think that’s what I said. He muttered another comment and then stopped. The girl then said to him” don’t you have something to say” The girl looked at me and smirked. In that moment it felt like we took our power back. Alone, I felt frightened but we looked at each other afterwards and I felt like I’d done the right thing and thought that if I could always find the courage to speak up there would be another woman who would join in.