Good friend of mine works as a hostess where they’re required to wear all black for their uniform. When she working on St Patrick’s Day the customer’s took her uniform as permission to pinch her on her ass because she wasn’t “wearing any green.” So many issues with this
1) it was annoying in grade school and everyone hated that stupid tradition why do it now? Oh right because they’re pervs
2) why the hell were they touching someone in a sexual manner without consent?
3) my friend told me all the men that did that to her were old enough to be her dad. Men in their 40+ -some of whom probably had kids- looked at my 19 year old friend and thought, “yeah let me touch her ass that’s appropriate” I’m so sick of hearing stories about how men interact with her and making working difficult. She’s not there for you, she’s there for a paycheck. You mean nothing to her and you certainly aren’t “obligated” to get her number or her attention outside her role as a hostess.