Even if I live in one of the most equal countries in the world I still get to hear that I should get a boyfriend, that one day I will have children no matter what I say right now or that I can not remove my breasts because “that’s how you should look”. I have had people step all over me by claiming that “one day that horse of yours will be forgotten in the stable, and you will only run after boys”. Other times my own classmates have labeled me gross and disgusting because I did not wear a bra or shave my armpits.

But you wanna know the awesome part? the part that I am so very proud of?

I never gave in to these people. I always defended my identity, my gender and my rights with teeth and nails if I had to. I have shocked teachers by refusing to give in to their boyfriend rants and I stood up to my mother when she did not want to accept that I feel like a boy.

I really think that projects like this are just what we need, and that is why I am writing this. Because I want to be a part in changing the world.

That is all from me