Maybe if I wasn’t raped by somebody who was a family friend, maybe if he was a stranger, or an old dirty tramp, or a random drunken man, or a guy in the club it would have strook me as more obvious. but nothing could be further from the truth. in fact these attacks as scary as it sounds can come from friends, partners, spouses, even family members. and it is unexpected and you cannot predict it. Which is why I strongly believe it is so important that if this has happened to you please do not blame yourself. You were not to know, and these people were people you thought were not going to hurt you or harm you in anyway. the reality is scary and I have not chosen to report it. But I will speak up on here. For every man or women who has been through this traumatic experience we must bind together and raise awareness. This site itself and the posts are such an opening for those people who are not aware of how common and how much sexism and sexual harassment is, and this has given me a platform to voice my experiences and my feelings. I know that I am not alone and i hope that if anybody has been through this to please seek support. CRASAC have been very helpful and supportive and meeting other survivors have been invaluable. I hope to inspire others who have been in this siutation or experienced sexism and sexual harrassment to larger or smaller degrees. It is a serious problem and it does happen.