I live in Maine but I was in Ohio at a college campus for a religious summer camp. The cafeteria was a short walk (5 minutes) away from the majority of the buildings we used. I had gotten caught up talking to someone in the cafeteria just before free time and my friends had already left. We were encouraged to stay in groups but it wasn’t against the rules to go somewhere by yourself especially if it was just for something like this. So I’m just walking up the sidewalk when I suddenly feel a very painful stinging sensation on my rear. I turn and see man, I assume a student, laughing as he runs away to his friends. No one else was there. I yelled “SERIOUSLY?” after them. I don’t know why I did especially since I’m usually very quiet. I was embarrassed that I had yelled, embarrassed that it had happened, and I was embarrassed to even tell my roommate that night. I did and she helped me to tell my counselor. I requested that they not tell my parents. I told them that they would freak out unnecessarily, it was actually because I was too embarrassed and didn’t want to talk to them about it. I don’t want to talk to them about stuff like that, not since my dad told my I should wear a bra because otherwise boys would try to rape me. I was 14. Its been almost three years and they still don’t know. I know its not a big deal but nothing like that had every happened to me before. I’m leaving in less than 4 months to go to college more than halfway across the country. Its supposed to be safe, but I’m not so sure.