I was in a club last night with a couple of friends. I met some guys I had previously seen out before, greeted them normally and mentioned that I was in a new relationship. After this, these 2 guys followed me around the club, to the bar, smoking area, even the toilets. They kept on touching me, feeling me up and trying to pull me, I constantly told them that I was in a new relationship and I didn’t want to talk with them in that way. I was in the smoking area with each guy on either side of me completely surrounded, they were both feeling me up and asking me to come back to their after party so we could all ‘chill and hook up’. I have never felt so violated and uneasy before, these guys were over 10 years older than me. And treated me like an object they could pass around between them, it ruined my entire night, shook me up to shit and made me so upset. Makes me so angry guys thinking they have a right to touch women because they have a penis, fuckin well done.