Last week I had a man approach me at the retail store I work at. This is the third time he has approached me and every time the interaction becomes more and more heated and violent. He is angry that I do not remember him from one class we had together in high school 20+ years ago. This last time he began yelling that “an entire effing year of his life had been wasted” We had one class together more than 20 years ago, I never saw him before and I never saw him again afterwards (until that first time he approached me) and he somehow thinks that I owe him something. It has gotten to the point where I make sure to have someone walk me out to my car at night after closing the store because this guy is so fixated on me. I don’t remember his name or face. The last time I was verbally assaulted by him, he said he went to the Homecoming dance with one of my friends. I sent her a message and she can’t remember what his name is either- maybe Richard or Rick. I obviously made an impression on this guy, but if I don’t remember you- just cut your losses- don’t continue to come in and scream at me that “an entire year of your life was effing wasted” an entire year, 20 years ago at that.