Triggered and depressed by today’s rant by an IT guy on the IT security comments section who complained about “an agenda” because the person in the photo was female when the malware flaw was discovered by a male. The photo was stock illustration of a female nurse because the IT bug has affected the NHS most. Even the other male commenters were like, bro you’ve missed the point. No point me jumping in as he would have loved a fight with a female.
To his eyes that’s them implying that women can be competent at IT and unfairly rewarding women when he clearly doesnt want any women in IT.

Where do you start with men like this who can’t see their own massive agenda and are just desperately scrabbling to be the little male victim of meeeee toooo sexism. Because yah IT really hates males….

So glad I don’t work in IT even though for a few years I was frankly shit hot at computer security and even after ten years away from it I’m still the go to person that my friends and family ask. Awful industry for straight women.