Kept hearing girls and young women use the words “slut”, “cunt” and “slag” in school classrooms and higher education lecture halls.

These females were not talked to about their choice of language or how their words were creating a hostile work environment that distracted from learning.

Actually, many of the females who used derogatory language towards each other were popular among their peers. Some became student council representatives or the heads of various student societies. As a female, I felt terrified to talk to these other women because of the hostile language towards other females that they used. As a result, I sadly had to drop out of some student societies and became very depressed. Other people copied the derogatory language that some popular females used because some females in power were using this hateful language, so these “cool” words became the social norm.

Females can be sexist, have hostile attitudes and use derogatory language towards other females.

It isn’t just some men that use misogynistic language to put women down. Some females do this to each other too in vicious ways.

I asked an older woman I knew about language she used while she was a student. She claims that in the old days people didn’t dare use these hostile words in learning institutions because they would be punished and people back then were taught to use polite respectful language. She claims that people were nicer to each other back then. Short of using a time machine, I can’t confirm if this was true or not. Maybe she just didn’t let hostile words bother her or she ignored taunts?

She says that young people are permitted to use too many swear words these days that aren’t kind or polite towards women.