Heard women and girls call each other “bitch” in a derogatory fashion in school classrooms and college lecture halls.

Don’t know if banning the word “bitch” would work because I have heard it used in a supportive reclaimed manner in an online army video. One female soldier cheers another female soldier on during a training exam by saying:
“You inspire the s*** outta me. Keep going! You can do it! You’re the toughest bitch on base!”

By contrast in my country I have only ever heard the word “bitch” used by men and women to demean females. I have only ever heard the word “bitch” used in a harsh negative way by peers and family members where I live. A lot of them seem to have copied the word from American media when it was used in an angry way towards other women.

In America it seems that some women are trying to reclaim this “misogynistic” word to mean something positive to build each other up instead of tearing each other to bits. However, the word is still used in a harsh tone towards women in different social contexts as in: “She is being such a bitch!”

If you said “bitch” to a woman where I lived though, it would be regarded as a bullying, shocking and offensive term.

Why the difference?
Why is a female dog so awful anyway?