One reason which weakens an Asia woman’s power and makes her always chasing the wrong goal.

In Thailand, there is an idiom which compared women as elephants’ back legs, while also compared men as the heads of elephants which means that men have privileges to act on a role of commander, but women have to listen to their men’s suggestions. In this sort of society, a portion of women working hard to afford their husband’s life, who don’t work but play as children. In my own opinion, these sort of inequality of sex, in some way, is hard to fix because of the basic beliefs of the majority and the information which comes from the main medium which controlled by male chauvinism is for reinforcing their own status.

The personality of conformity of a portion of Asia women comes from education. In Asia, women have to play a role of taking care of everything and every people around them. When they want something, if they have brothers, their parents always ask them to be nice and let it go, give the best things to their brothers, and then give the girl a kiss or some compliments instead. This educational method and this form of culture make women consistently stop chasing what they really want and accommodating for other’s praise.