Hello everyone! i am 30 y old now. When i was 19, during uni studies, i worked at a restaurant. At the 28th off October 2005, a bartender from the restaurant came in my home drunk and raped me. I didnt say anything cause i tried to convince myself that it was a bad one night stand. For 4 years, i suffered from agoraphobia, and when i got a boyfriend and told him the story, he broke up with me cause he could not cope with that. I ve been harassed in buses and subway or in the street and i am really scared walking alone. Now that I am 30, i have my degrees and i am a film editor for 9 years. I have a boyfriend the last 5 years and i work in a totally fallocratic environment. Every fucking day my colleagues say something sexistic for me or even my boyfriend who drives a motorbike but not a car, so hes not man enough. every day i work twice than some male colleagues to prove i am good enough. I am fast and good and creative at work and i know it well. But i cant say it. As i cant wear a dress or wear red lipstick. The one thing I know is that my man is man enough, cause hes there to support me with those thoughts, to cook for me when im late, or give me orgasms instead of not driving a car! And also that my boobs are big enough to provide milk for my future child, and my brain is good enough to cope with those assholes. Good luck ladies out there, stand on your feet! We are all brave!