I have things shouted at me on a regular basis out of car windows by men of all ages. Never a woman. I never know what they say as they are driving and seem unable to understand that not all of their comment will reach me…probably a good thing.
What I have noticed is that some men like to scare women deliberately. I was on a scooter and a car came up behind me and he shouted scooter loud and suddenly to scare me. Another time I was on my scooter and a man waited till I was right by him to deliberately make a lunge for me to try and scare me. For what reason I don’t know. Another time a bunch of builders wolf whistled at me and I was only 16 or 17 at the time. When I was around 15 I went for a meal with my mum, my sister and my sisters boyfriend and his dad. At one point I asked my sister if I could borrow one of her tops. the father of her boyfriend don’t wear each others clothes do you? I said yeah, were not the same size but still..and he said *well I was going to say! shes dreaming if she thinks*…and then he looked down and my chest. His son said *subtle dad!* I was only around 14 or 15 a the time. I told my sister and she just shrugged it off as nothing.
I get told to *SMILE all the time by men, usually middle aged men who seem to say it with a tone of annoyance. Like how dare I walk down the street and not look good for their pleasure. I suffer from depression, and anxiety aswell as ptsd. Yet people who don’t know me and don’t have any right to tell me to do anything think they have the right to tell me to look happy. Ive never had a woman tell me to look happy.
I was raped when I was 5 and sexually abused by a family member.
I was once stroking a cow when it licked my top. The farmer said..oh yes they know where to get the milk from
I was on the bus and the driver stopped to let a woman cross at a zebra crossing. he said ..that’s it, give me a nice view.