I have just come back from a trip to London and there was a group of 5 men with beer sitting there being loud.
Then when a young girl of 20 got on at the next step they all went quiet and started to stare eyeing her up and down. Then one shouts out , “I’d love to dig out her burrow”. Then they started laughing. Then the flood gates opened and they all started asking each other whether they “would shag her” like as if she was a piece of meat. A woman then made a lump “humpf” to signal it was unacceptable but then one of the more gobby ones shouted “oh do me a favour love, put the kettle on”, Then they sang a chorus of “get your effing tits” and laughed hysterically. The conductor, who was also female came to check tickets. When she asked one of them asked “You can check my ticket anytime love”. I mean, really, the male part of society today makes me everso cross!!