Have come across some nice examples of casual sexism recently:

-I was in our local shop today in the toy section, & saw 2 boxes that said something along the lines of ‘Girls Building Blocks’ on them. One of them was, yep, you’ve guessed it, bright pink, & the other one featured 2 Lego-esque figures sitting at a table.
-I was in the post office recently, & saw a gift tag for a baby boy, which had a pair of blue shoes/bootees on. I think the writing was also in blue.
-I was in another shop today, & I saw a card that said ‘x (I forget how many) reasons why a pair of shoes is better than a man’. It gave such ‘reasons’ as “you can have as many as you like without people gossiping” & “if you don’t like them (or words to that effect) you can get your money back”. This is sexist on several grounds. 1- it’s pandering to lazy gender stereotypes about how all women supposedly like to buy shoes, & 2- it’s sexist to men too- just as sexist as the ‘why beer is better than a woman’ card, in fact.
-I’ve also seen a cookery book in the same shop mentioned above entitled ‘Cakes for Men & Boys’. WTF?!