I had the biggest tits in my year from day one aged 11. I was also rather chubby and ginger. Most girls hated me or wanted to be me. Boys would call me fat and unfuckable but then grab my HH’s quite happily. Teachers stopped me doing pe cause i was getting so much attention. I never felt liked or pretty or wanted for me. I lost weight and was so scared no one would like me with smaller tits because everyone talked about my boobs. So did I. I thought they where my best feature. I was to loud to opinionated to this to that. I got into a fight with a lad in my lad we where both swearing at each other ready to hit one another when a teacher turns then corner starts screaming at the boy about how that’s not how you speak to a women and it didn’t matter if I started it or what I was yelling back at him. I hate looking back now at all the things I excepted as normal as a teen. If I had noticed those things maybe I wouldn’t have stayed in a abusive relationship for 2 years of my life. Or got with a guy like him. Sex doesn’t validated me or make me feel much. And I hate other people always seeing my gender first. I have a teen step daughter 9 years younger then me and I am so scared for her to go to high school. I don’t want her thinking that’s normal.