Dear “me” who posted this “My books are piled up on an unused staircase. …”

Yeah me too, wondering if there’s any other women who congratulated themselves on getting a clever man who wouldn’t care that she was smart only to find her books mysteriously relegated to damp areas of the house without permission to be moved, because obviously his books are more important, because you know, boys are cleverer and shit. So girls books don’t matter. Chick lit (as long as chick lit includes French literary classics and biochemistry)

Plus endless put downs while he desperately tried to persuade himself that he was still cleverer than me as I read all his books too….
Basically he took over the whole house and any attempt to mention this was “nagging” but I still had to do all the cleaning/tidying or it didn’t happen, despite endless promises.
Weird how he had no energy to tidy but lots to keep tidying my books away.