I was invited to a birthday party in a public area. We were two women, 6 men and the two little daughters of the guy who’s birthday it was. The older one was around 8 or 9 years. She is very outspoken, knows what she wants and won’t hesitate to get it. I liked that a lot since I was very shy as a kid.
However, over the course of the evening, followig things were said to that little girl:

-Oh, okay, you’re better at singing than at playing football
-I’ll hand yo a huge present when you marry. She: But if I don’t wanna marry?
The guy: Oh, so you’re a lesbian? ( to a NINE YEAR OLD *cringe*)
– He’ll cry like a little girl / he’s a pussy / he’s a faggot (about one of the guys)

This from guys who are not exactly successes themselves, neither of them is a crack at football, they can’t sing, they are overweight and drink too much. They belittle women and yet they are lonely, some of these men have cried to me about how lonely they are and how they can’t have a working relationship.

Still, what message do these failed men send to that little girl? That she can’t be what she wants? That she’s not good at things?
I am tired of this. And every time I say something “I can’t take a joke”.
It’s frustrating.