I was mortified to discover my mother doesn’t think very much of other women, though it shouldn’t really come as a surprise.
I brought her and my daughter to visit my new country (I’m an expat) and when we were on a tour, mother made friends with some English tourists.
I heard her asking the husband of the couple what he did and it turned out he is an engineer with some chemical company. He told her all about it and that was fine. But then mother asked the same question of his wife and, before the woman could even begin answering, mother interjects with “Oh, I bet you stay at home and spend all the money!” before laughing uproariously. I. Was. Mortified.

Later, she decided to tell myself and my boyfriend (also a feminist) about how much she hates female dentists because “they don’t have the strength” to be decent dentists. Because she had a bad experience in the 60’s which would have been more down to outdated techniques rather than any fault of the dentist because she’s female.