All of my male friends talk about masturbation and watching porn very casually and even brag about it sometimes. As a woman (who does like to pleasure herself from time to time) I am horrified at the porn industry. I have tried to get into watching it but it makes me feel uncomfortable and not at all turned on. One time I was browsing and came across a video of a woman who kept turning her head away and saying “no” to a man who attempted and succeeded in sticking his penis into her mouth. Nearly all porn movies I’ve seen end in the man ejaculating all over the woman’s face and/ or breasts. HOW IS THIS SEXY OR REALISTIC? I don’t know how young men are interpreting these images, but to me they are objectifying, demoralising, sexist, and are promoting sexual violence. I myself have felt the repercussions of this from sexual partners in the past. One man that I met on Tinder was taking off my clothes, took one look at my downstairs area and told me he didn’t want to have sex any more because I had pubic hair! He said “have you ever seen a porn star with a jungle down below?” I felt humiliated. But seriously?! Porn is ruining men’s expectations of sex and consequently, women’s expectations are changing too. Porn makes violence and male dominance feel like sex. And love, care and intimacy leave men feeling cold and emasculated. I’m sick of porn and it’s utterly sexist ways! I hope there are others out there who agree.