that woman

Can I add to the stories about men and bookcases? I’d forgotten about it until I read a couple of previous posts.

My (now ex) OH and I both did our degrees with the OU at the same time. He did Literature, I did Maths and Science.

We moved house, and books got shoved just anywhere as we unpacked the boxes. Finally I decided to sort them out into some sort of order. I put all of the OU course books on the same shelf. This made sense to me. Obviously he had a lot more books than I did, due to the subject matter of his course, so the shelf was mostly filled with his books, with mine at the end. When he got home from work, instead of some sort of appreciation of the work I’d done (we had a LOT of books), all he said was ‘Why have you put your books on my shelf?’

He was genuinely put-out that I’d (apparently) dared to put my books with his. It was all most peculiar.