I’m only 13 years old, yet I experience sexism almost every day. I recently bought a new Adidas jacket, from the men’s section. I needed some new shoes, so I said to my mum that I really wanted the Adidas gazelles, and she told me that I couldn’t have them because they would make me look like a chav. I asked why, and she told me that I would look like a boy, and I can’t do that cause I’m a girl. I then asked if my brother would have asked for the same pair of shoes, with the jacket I had bought and she told me that it was unfair to spring the sexism thing on her. The next day at school, a teacher was talking about how much footballers get paid, that it isnt fair that they get to lie and cheat, act like girls.Later this day, football was brought up in class, when i raised my hand to add to the discussion, the teacher expected me to know nothing. These incidents are just three examples of what happens on a day to day basis.