Soon to be married

I have to admit, I am a man. Please don’t think of my negatively for posting this, I am not trying to complain, more just sharing a story which opened up my eyes to the kind of behaviour which is normally, unfortunately, directed at women. I am soon going to be marrying my fiance, I am very excited and am can’t wait for the day. In arranging my wedding, I’ve reached every decision with my fiance, we haven’t always agreed on everything, but I’m sure we’ll get there. I’m just astounded at the amount of sexism there is both at men and women in everything relating to weddings. I could do a really simple enquiry about something quite basic like asking the cost of paper for invites, and people ask me things like, “what does the bride think?”, thereby completely disregarding anything I say until she gives the OK. This has happened with several vendors who sells wedding services that I contacted for quotes. Don’t even get me started on the amount of rubbish surrounding the Stag and Hen night. To me, the assumption that I’m getting married just to have a stag do with a stripper is wild! Not only the pressures to drink, the pressures to ‘perform’ on the wedding, the list is endless. I really do wish I could do away with a lot of this crap, and I hope we get to move past some of this ruddy silly behaviour.