Girl on travels

So I was trying to get around on a little island with practically no public transport and was forced to use taxis for some trips. One day I get a really nice guy in his late 60ies as a driver and he shows me around a bit and even organizes me a free sample of a regional drink. When I get out, he hands me his number, so I could call him for whenever I wanted to come back to my hostel. Since this is quite common there and he was very nice company, I call him up afterwards to pick me up to get home and even sit in the front seat. While we are still in an urban area everything is fine, we have smalltalk and he is as charming and grandfatherly as the whole day. Then he starts touching my arm everytime he starts to say something. I didn’t think too much of or since it is a southern country and people in general are a bit touchy.
The he starts asking me all about my boyfriend, whether I missed him, whether I didn’t think of cheating in him since I was away, whether I liked the sex with him etc. and goes on touching my arm and my leg, just where my dress endes. We stop because he wants to show me a lake in the area and I am very glad to get a bit of distance between us. Than he starts pulling me near him, putting his hand on my hips and hugging me. I struggle to get away from him again. At this moment we are aprox. 30 km from the next town and there is nothing around except for cows and ducks, so, in order to get home, I basically have to get back into the car with him again. In there, he goes on touching me, takes my face in his hands and forces me to look at him at times by turning my head. Since I fight him, he keeps his hand to himself for a bit and starts talking to me about how he didn’t want to offend me, he would never want to offend such a pretty girl like me and “Believe me, if I was only a few years younger, you would never leave this Island again but stay with me”. As we are getting closer to the town my hostel was in, he again starts touching my legs and talks about how he would pick me up the next day, so I could go wherever I wanted to go (“you won’t have to pay”) and he would invite me for lunch and how we would have a great time. I couldn’t even move, because I was so scared and just kept on trying not to look it too much. Finally, we arrive at my hostel, I have to pay him for the awful drive and then I get out. But before I can escape inside, he graps my arm and tries to force me into a kiss, which I manage to get out of, just to run to my door.
As it seems, people on the island already know about him and his behaviour towards female tourists but since he is old and a member of the community, he doesn’t lose bis licence.