I’m a second year uni student studying psychology. This semester I have two classes that finish at 6pm. The bus ride home takes about an hour, so I’m usually getting back to my unit at around 7pm. Since this semester goes into winter the sun is well and truly down now when I’m walking home. The bus drops me off on a busy road and all I have to do is walk down my street to my unit block and I’m safe. And yet in that short walk I managed to experience harassment to a pretty scary extent. I was walking home from the bus stop like normal, it was just after 7pm and I was tired because I’d had a particularly difficult neuroscience lecture that day. So of course that day was the one where a man followed me home from the bus stop to the front door of my unit block. He started to speak to me (asking me to play a game) and when I stepped away from him he laughed and said “don’t back away I’m not going to do anything to you”. He laughed. Like it was funny to him that I was scared out of my mind. While I was unlocking the door to the building he proceeded to ask me for sex. He asked several times in the time it took me to walk through the door and slam it in his face. I was terrified, but now I’m angry. I can’t even walk down the street to my home without having to deal with some man who thinks he’s entitled to my body. What right did he think he had to follow me home? And LAUGH like this was such a joke to him, like following someone home is just a perfectly acceptable prank to play on a person. I skipped my lectures finishing at 6pm the next week because I was afraid that he’d be there again. I hate the world we live in.